Subproject IWU

"Urban biodiversity expertise – provisioning of knowledge base and monitoring concepts for the practical implementation of NBS in communities"

Background: The knowledge base of many different aspects of urban biodiversity has become relatively large and continues to grow rapidly. However, this current and quickly-developing level of understanding is not being adequately addressed in planning practice. On the one hand, community practice rarely orients the development of green structures to the current state of the art in urban biodiversity; and on the other, research delivers too little applicable knowledge and/or useful assistance to serve the challenges of community practice.

Subproject "Urban biodiversity expertise": For a strategic handling to biodiversity in urban spaces, first the current, relevant findings in urban biodiversity had been collected, analysed, and processed. It shows how close cooperation between researchers, levels of government and other stakeholders can shrink the gap between research and implementation. Furthermore, as a necessary element of successful biodiversity strategies, concepts for the monitoring of the citywide biodiversity development and concrete project approaches had been developed.