Subproject IOER

"Planning approaches – planning approaches towards the implementation of NBS at the community level"

Background: The implementation of biodiversity issues and goals within the framework of city development requires

(1) anchoring at a strategic level

(2) implementation-oriented planning aided by existing formal planning and nature-preservation instruments, but perhaps also by (newer) informal approaches

(3) application of compatible and sustainable planning approaches for concrete projects and the coordination of various stakeholders. Questions of financing, long-term maintenance and development as well as evolving uses are a particular cause of increasingly demanding challenges for stakeholders.

Subproject "Planning Approaches": Firstly, the political and legal conditions as well as the existing formal planning and nature-preservation instruments shall be analysed with respect to their potential and limits. We are interested in the extent to which these conditions and instruments can contribute to the anchoring and implementation of biodiversity issues at the city level. This shall take place according to the goals of the German National Strategy on Biological Diversity (NBS) while taking into account scientific findings and experience in practice. A document analysis and results from the science-practice discourse shall provide the basis for this. The resulting findings as to the suitability and/or the need for adaptation of various planning instruments and approaches will be fed into the planning science discussion as well as processed in a practice-oriented manner. They will flow into the development of biodiversity strategies and monitoring concepts of both partner cities. The expertise will also be made available for the planning of measures at the test sites.